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Catalina - Weight Management Dietitian

If you love working with people and food and wish to have a positive impact in other people`s life, then you should consider becoming a dietitian.

As dietitians we are using scientific evidence to treat and prevent nutritional related disease.

We are using our skills and experience to provide advice about nutrition to a wide range of patients.

We can also work in multiple areas including research, industry, NHS, private sector.

Catalina Birgovan, Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

As a Weight Management Dietitian, I am part of a multidisciplinary team consisting of: Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, Dietetic Assistants, a Psychologist and Psychology Assistants and a Consultant. Together we are supporting people living with obesity and obesity related health conditions to build the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to achieve their health and weight management goals.

My journey to becoming a Dietitian wasn't straight forward.

Having a family history of Type 2 Diabetes I wanted to learn more about how diet and lifestyle in general can prevent metabolic disease. 

I started my training with a Nutrition and Dietetics degree in Romania, where I then worked as a renal dietitian for about 3 years whilst being involved in various humanitarian projects.

In order to enhance my skills and gain some international experience I decided to enrol in a MSc program in Human Nutrition at University of Aberdeen (a very challenging but also rewarding experience).

After graduating, I was offered an amazing opportunity to work on a Macmillan weight management project for women with breast cancer. As dietitians we can work in various medical specialisations, but that project made me realise that the best fit for me is the weight management area.

Although my journey was a long one, I am extremely happy with where I am now, and I am looking forward for new opportunities to develop myself.

One of my favourite things about being a dietitian is that I can guide people in their journey towards a healthier live. All of my patients’ achievements feel like small victories for me as well. This makes my job extremely rewarding.