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Jane - Renal

Jane Richardson
Dietitians are the only professionals that are registered to offer evidenced-based dietary advice tailored to a person’s specific needs- that's what makes us great!

Jane Richardson, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

I’ve always had an interest in food and health. I wanted to help people understand how they can eat a diet they enjoy within restrictions caused by long term health conditions.

I completed a dietetics degree in Leeds in 2015. This included 3 practice placements in various hospitals in Yorkshire and the North East of England.

After completing my degree I started work at Sherwood Forest Hospital in a junior post, which included ward work, community clinics and facilitating DESMOND group education session for type 2 diabetes.

I moved on to another junior rotational post at Royal Bolton Hospital, where I experienced working in stroke, surgery, gastroenterology and intensive care.

I had a real interest in renal dietetics from a student placement experience and was keen to obtain a specialist role as a renal dietitian, which I achieved in 2018.

As a renal dietitian I see patients on renal wards, dialysis units and phone clinics. I support people at different stages of kidney failure to maintain a healthy and enjoyable diet within the restrictions caused by to their renal failure.

Patients with kidney disease have often received a lot of information from unreliable sources, such as the internet, or well-meaning but poorly informed friends. This often leaves people afraid to eat some of their favourite foods. Dispelling those myths and helping people realise their diet is not as restricted as they first thought is the best thing about being a renal dietitian.

Dietetics is a varied career path with ongoing expansion in terms of the role and responsibilities. If you like food and want to help people understand how to eat for better health, dietetics could be the career for you.