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Allied Health Professionals supporting wellbeing and recovery in mental health

Allied Health Professionals have long worked in mental health services, providing solution-focused, goal-centred care to improve outcomes for individuals
and populations.

The ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, alongside the significant investment into the provision of mental health services presents exciting
opportunities to further utilise the wide skillset of the 14 different Allied Health Professions in supporting this vitally important agenda.

NHS mental health services are undergoing the biggest workforce expansion in history, which will see 27,460 additional staff by 2023/24 (NHS England, 2019). Now is the time for commissioners, health service managers and clinicians to carefully consider the broad array of healthcare professionals who can help contribute to this growth; there has never been such a need for Allied Healthcare Professions and professionals to step forward and play their important part in improving the lives and meeting the needs of the growing numbers of people with mental ill-health. Their practice is integral to most clinical pathways, working across organisational boundaries, making significant contribution to address health inequalities and deliver care to an exemplary standard. This paired with their expertise in delivering personalised care, improving parity between mental and physical health and improving employment is key to improving outcomes for people with mental health illness.

This document showcases impactful, innovative AHP service models that will irrefutably support the delivery of the mental health agenda. These best practice examples should be adopted and developed, ensuring equity to services across the mental health pathway, thus reducing the disparity in current service provision.

AHPs should continue to measure impact of their interventions, highlighting gaps in current service provision and offer models where the greatest benefit can be achieved.

The future health of our population needs good mental health care and good mental health care needs you. We hope this guide will help all Allied Health Professionals to embrace innovation and achieve outstanding quality of mental health services across England.

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